Mutant Motorcycle Maniacs

October 25th, 2023

I’ve just started working on writing a post-apocalyptic biker gang RPG game. In high school I put a bunch of writing down on a punk rock end-of-the-world table top RPG called THE LAST ANARCHISTS. But as with most things at that age, I never finished it. Recently I got the bug to fulfill that ages old dream and I've dusted off that project, slathered on some MÖRK BORG inspiration, and began making a toxic punk rock stew out of my lifelong love of '60s and '70s biker flicks and vintage gas guzzlers and cool dead tech culture and of course plenty of post apoc mutant freaks.

I'm still brainstorming names for this high-octane GAMMA WORLD plus CAR WARS project that takes place in a nuclear devastated America where horrific mutations abound, cars and motorcycles are all 1960s - 1970s smoke-belching petrol-burners, guns are everywhere, gas is cheaper than water, and everything is paid for in handfuls of bullets.

Here is my first-draft alternate-history timeline...

1973: During the 1970s oil embargo gas crisis America develops a new radioisotopic lead additive for gasoline (Lead-210, a mildly-radioactive isotope with a half-life of only 22.2 years) which radically increases the combustion energy efficency and makes a barrel of gasoline worth less than a dime. Riding the wave of success, President Richard Nixon never resigns.

1974-1976: The OPEC nations go crazy trying to hold on to their power in the world. Some nukes are exchanged overseas, terrorism explodes & Americans start stockpiling guns and bullets.

December 17th 1976 (Friday): Nixon issues a three-week ultimatum for all OPEC Nations to surrender, or it’s WW3... on January 9th 1977 (his birthday).

December 24th 1976 (Friday): In the spirit of the totally insane times - the Ramones announce a free concert for 77,000 people & live telecast worldwide at NY Giants Stadium for Jan 9, playing songs from their new album scheduled to release the following day.

January 9th 1977 (Sunday, 8:12pm): The world sees the nukes launch as the Ramones play “Glad To See You Go.”

In the world of the future, the only things that are cheap are bullets, gasoline, and human life. So swallow some reds, pop in your bootleg Ramones 8-track, and rev that throttle. It’s time to get psycho.

Mactoberfest 2023

October 18th, 2023

We had an awesome time at the First Annual MACTOBERFEST Bay Area Classic Macintosh Meetup! So many cool and rare old Macs, on display and also for sale, including super rare oddities like a "WalkMac" by Colby Systems and a Cannon Cat. Nearly every machine was running vintage games and programs for you to play with. Most exciting for me personally was seeing my DiskZine running on Thom's gorgeous Macintosh SE/30. I was selling copies at a table and was pretty surprised at the number of peeple who said "I've already read your zine online!" Wow!

I've been making those zines in something of a vacuume, just bumbling my way through, having never really met anyone who has any experience with HyperCard until this weekend. So it was totally thrilling for me to meet fellow HyperCard enthusiasts at this show. When one of the first people I met offered to do some AppleTalk interface stuff in HyperCard for one of my future issues - I about broke down in tears of joy.

As a more "art-centric" than "tech-centric" person this was the perfect welcome to the Classic Mac community for me. Everyone was just so nice and enthusiastic. Thanks to Steve Chamberlin of Big Mess o' Wires for putting this fantastic event together!


September 26th, 2023

Copies of MEANWHILE... A COMIC STORE ANTHOLOGY which features my comic THE ASTEROIDS OF MISFIT DROIDS with artist Christian Ward (and lettering by Ed Luce) have arrived at my comic shop! Super exciting to get to put this comic I wrote in people's hands at lomng last. People seem to be enjoying my space bounty hunter character - Vaara Resnik, registered Loss Prevention and Recovery Agent of the Singularity Conglomerate - and of course all that eyeball-popping art by comics god Christian Ward! Stop by my shop, Isotope Comics in Hayes Valley, San Francisco and I'll autograph a copy for you!

ARG!! Why Can 't I Mac Format?!

September 22nd, 2023

The whole year I struggled with the smallest, simplest, stupidest thing - I can't seem to Mac Format a Floppy Disk to save my life. Over and over, and on multiple computers, I failed over and over. Because of this the first print runs of NEUROBLAST were on DOS-formatted disks, which caused a couple important and enthusiastic fans some frustrations. While most folks were accessing my zines online, or downloading the files off of the Internet Archive or my site, and the DOS floppy disks are perfectly readable to the more "modern" family of vintage Macs (like my 1999 iMac G3 for example), I definitely wanted to go more Mac-centric if I could figure it out. Especially with the first MACTOBERFEST Bay Area Classic Macintosh Meetup coming up next month. With time running shortm, and usable floppies becoming more and more unusable unreformattable landfill, I was starting to panic.

Who even knows this stuff anymore that might be able to help me? My friend Jeremy Lassen (now-retired publisher of science fiction and fantasy novels like THE WINDUP GIRL) gave it a good shot trying to help, but in the end the two of us were ready to throw our hands up in frustration. That is, until he sent me a link to this website. It turns out, despite all indications otherwise you simply *can't* Mac format a floppy disk on a modern computer. I'd been babying my G3 and putting the disk duping workload on my various modern Macs and apparently I hadn't tried the Grape G3 yet. Thanks for the link, Jeremy! And thanks to my entire readership for your patience with me while I refine my HyperCard DiskZine making skills. Oh and thanks to my kitty Avalon during these frustrating disk duping late nights. And most of all my sincerest thanks to Sonic Purity at Siber-Sonic for your invaluable help!

From this moment on... MAC FORMATTED DISKS ONLY!

Far Behind + Far Ahead of the Zeitgeist

September 5th, 2023

My sincerest thanks to jwz for collaborating on the Cyberdelia Special and also to the rest of the NEUROBLAST contributors. And with that three week window to make it all in too?! A total rush!

UPDATE: What an amazing response to my Floppy Disk magazines NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine and the NEUROBLAST Cyberdelia Special - I am totally blown away! Aside from several posts on jwz and DNA Lounge's blogs (here + here + here + here + here), several awesome websites, and shout-outs from tech-bloggers Andrew Burke, and Peter Hosey, and Violet Blue... and *of course* the legendary LGR on YouTube... it was quite gratifying to discover that one of the planet's most famous futurists Boing Boing's Cory Doctorow is also a fan of the zine.

As is typical for me I have found that sweet spot of Far Ahead of the Zeitgeist and with this project Far Behind of the Zeitgeist too. Loving it.


September 1st, 2023

The response to my Floppy Disk magazine that I released earlier this year, NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine, keeps rocking my world... today it is featured on one of the biggest tech channels on YouTube! And he really enjoys it! What an honor!

Read it Here:

Unrehearsed, Let The Bubbles Burst

August 29th, 2023

This Friday is my launch party / HACKERS (1995) movie screening / Cyberdelia After-Party! And I am almost ready for release. It's been a brutal turn-around on intense focus and sleepless nights. I've got just about 24 hours left to finish duplicating disks but we will be finishing strong! I finished this unsheltered cyber-baby art just this morning. Thanks to all my collaborators for totally knocking it out of the park for me!

Enjoy a video preview - Watch it here:

Hack The Planet

August 25th, 2023

NEUROBLAST Cyberdelia Special comes out Friday, September 1st at San Francisco's famous DNA Lounge during the HACKERS (1995) screening and Cyberdelia after-party! The NEUROBLAST staff writers, artists, mixologists, and collaborators will be in attendance and autographing physical 3.5" Floppy Disk editions! Check out those sexy Floppies! More info here: DNA Lounge - HACKERS Cyberdelia Screening and After-Party

Enter The NEUROBLAST Cyberdelia Special

August 12th, 2023

I wasn't really planning on doing a second issue of NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine quite so soon this year, but after seeing the incredibly enthusiastic response by Netscape Navigator programmer and nightclub owner Jamie Zawinski a.k.a. jwz, and probably high on that awesome feature on one of my all time favorite YouTube channels - LGR: Lazy Game Reviews, I suggested to jwz a special issue collaboration between us for his next Cyberdelia party and HACKERS (1995) movie screening. (Unbeknownst to us we were both hosting "Cyberdelias" complete with WIPEOUT XL tournaments mine were much more underground, as seen on the Orange Krush page, kindred spirits for sure). The first issue took me and the collaborators two months to finish the zine, and a third month to set up the launch party and get the floppy disks duped... Now that I know how to use HyperCard and dithering my artwork and what the pitfalls to avoid... Can I actually release a whole second issue in *three weeks*?!


Enter The NEUROBLAST Cyberdelia Special!


July 28th, 2023

I don't know when it will be officially released but I *do* know that preview copies of MEANWHILE... A COMIC STORE ANTHOLOGY which features my comic THE ASTEROIDS OF MISFIT DROIDS with artist Christian Ward (and lettering by Ed Luce) have been seen in the wild! Here's a photo from this year's San Diego Comic Con by the book's editor Kevin Sharp so it won't be long now!

New printings of NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine are now available at Isotope Comics in San Francisco. 130 copies of the first printing went very quickly and I have 36 copies made in this second printing. Hopefully they'll hold out for a bit, I am out of floppies again!

In other news, in a great artistic dichotomy, this week I submitted my (quite low-brow) industrial band LEATHER NOT PLEATHER song "Gets You Off" to the underground web-radio station music director at DIX69 KUNT, although the station primarily features metal artists, they seem pretty thrilled with our sleazy stuff! And by contrast on the high-brow end of the art spectrum, I also submitted my NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine for consideration to be added to the collection of the very cool Electronic Cafe for Poetic Computation in Brooklyn, NY. Fun to share my stuff with folks.


July 15th, 2023

The response to my Floppy Disk magazine that I released earlier this year, NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine, keeps rocking my world... today it is featured on one of the biggest tech channels on YouTube! And he really enjoys it! What an honor!

Watch it Here:

Get Blasted!

June 30th, 2023

“GET BLASTED!” - My latest 1-bit dither art to celebrate the upcoming 2nd Printing of NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine issue 1!

Yes, I went through 130 copies of the first print run (thank you to everyone who bought a copy and to all those who helped me get Floppy Disks to publish it on). I will be releasing the second printing of NEUROBLAST this coming month on a historical day in vintage computing history, the anniversary of Apple’s announcement of OS 8 back in 1997, Saturday July 22nd.

Let me know if you want a copy of the 2nd printing! Physical 3.5” Floppy Disks are available for $5 at Isotope Comics in San Francisco.


June 27th, 2023

Here are my earliest pencil-sketched layouts for the first issue of my upcoming analog zine INTO THE WORMHOLE...

I've been carrying this quickly sketched micro-version around in my pocket daily. I'm hoping to get the zine out in August or September. First order of business on this new INTO THE WORMHOLE... magazine is for me to to draw some new 1-bit dither art for a back-cover NEUROBLAST ad. This is going to be great.

Going Down The WORMHOLE...

June 20th, 2023

With NEUROBLAST launched in high style, and sent out into the world in all its digital and Floppy Disk glory, I can't help but thinking about getting my long-delayed (pre-pandemic) analog paper zine of obsessive lowbrow culture finished too. It's been too many years since I was running a xerox machine. So today I began the early development process of my next release...

A Monumental Anniversary

June 1st, 2023

22 Years of my store, Isotope Comics in San Francisco, today. My greatest, most well-known, and most successful artistic project ever. And that I've been running my store for *twenty two years* now?! That's as good as it gets, no victory lap is needed.

Kickstarter Success!

May 18th, 2023

MEANWHILE... A COMIC STORE ANTHOLOGY featuring my comic THE ASTEROIDS OF MISFIT DROIDS with art by Christian Ward (and lettering by Ed Luce) has *blown away* the project's initial Kickstarter goal by over 400% thanks to 728 backers. Wow!

Launching NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine

May 11th, 2023

THANK YOU to the big crowd of awesome people who came to my NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine launch party last night! You folks were dressed to the cyberpunk nines! The Floppy Disk zine was a huge hit and I’m thrilled that 88 copies of NEUROBLAST are now in the hands of the public. Wow!

As it was Cat Club's kink-positive fetish night we abided by their “no cameras” policy (always a lot of scantily clad folks doing kinky stuff). It certainly was a *very hot* crowd to get to share my zine with! And so enthusiastic too! What a cool way to meet so many interesting new people. That there are almosty no party photos and it was one of those you-just-had-to-be-there events just fits my zine’s vibe & message so perfectly.

It was wonderful to get to introduce so many of my friends to each other for the first time and see so many new friendships sprouting up all around. And getting to dork out with strangers about nerdy stuff like fringe-culture scenes, analog zines, and cool but “obsolete” software like HyperCard. And do a little bit of dancing again at my favorite nightclub in all of the west coast. Best of all is the extra delight I got getting my zine collaborators to autograph so many people’s Floppy Disks!

My thanks to the wonderful staff and hosts of Cat Club (XOXOX)! And to all my friends who came out and celebrated with us! And to all the cool new people I met!

For a first-ever launch party for one of my projects... it seriously just doesn’t get better than that!

Check Out Piqued Synthesizer Collective's write up of the event Here:

NEUROBLAST Launch Party Is Coming!

March 5th, 2023

After hosting thousands of parties for other people's projects here's a new thing for me... a launch party for my NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine! And at the world-famous Cat Club no less! My thanks to my very good friend and collaborator Aaron Farmer for suggesting it & setting it up & making this great flyer!

On My First Music Compilation

May 3rd, 2023

What a month! Along with my Comics Anthology and Kickstarter debuts in MEANWHILE... A COMIC STORE ANTHOLOGY and the launch of the first zine I've made in several decades NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine, we've got another music release hitting the ether... my DEADTECH spin-off project Ephemerol with Mr. Nøthing are excited to be featured artists on Internet Daemon Record's THE DRUGSTORE COMPLIATION. Wow!


Comics Kickstarter Is Live

April 18th, 2023

The Kickstarter for the comic anthology I wrote, THE ASTEROIDS OF MISFIT DROIDS with art by Christian Ward and lettering by Ed Luce, is now live! Including other comic stories by some legendary creators, Brian Michael Bendis (co-creator of MILES MORALES), Geoff Johns (GREEN LANTERN), Maria Llovet (FAITHLESS), Scott Kolins (THE FLASH), Ariela Kristantina (INSEXTS), Eva Cabrera (BETTY & VERONICA), Joshua Williamson (THE FLASH), Drew Rausch (ELDRITCH), Leonie O’Moore (LORD), and also everyone's favorite Scott Snyder (BATMAN), and a number of other amazing creators. As a total comic-writing rookie to be featured alongside so many amazing creators is mind-blowing. What an amazing anthology debut for me.


NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine

March 31st, 2023

My zine is launched! I am so thrilled with it! NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine is a cyberpunk-centric entertainment tech-stack zine of music, art, and game materials, built and compiled in ancient Apple HyperCard software on a vintage iMac G3 (grape) in February-March 2023. Best viewed running on a classic pre-2000s Apple Machintosh, or in your favorite Mac Emulator, or online running in-browser via an emulated Apple os9 thanks to and @HyperCardOnline. Be patient while everything boots up and loads!

Check Out NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine Here:

Maximum Overdrive

March 6th, 2023

What an *incredible* day! It was truly a day with the pedal to the metal. HOLOGLAM singer Cherry Cosmic graced us with the vocal recordings of our first synth-glam hit, "Atomic Funhouse." What an earworm! And talk about inspirational, I'm downright giddy to get working on costumes, makeups, videoes, and (most of all) the next tunes for that debut album! The morning began at the crack of dawn going straight into the studio to record a beat for Andrew Nilsen for our upcoming Ephemerol with Mister Nøthing EP (out in April). And then I followed that up with finishing writing the script for The 200th Floor short cyberpunk comic for Aaron Farmer that will be a feature in next month's NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine (the zine is coming along quickly!). And the day was further packed with excitement as THE ASTEROIDS OF MISFIT DROIDS, the sci-fi comic I wrote (drawn by the jaw-dropping artist Christian Ward) is getting lettered by another of my favorite comic artists, Ed Luce (WUVABLE OAF) today too. Ed and I ended this full-throttle day on the phone perfecting all of that sci-fi lettering and sending the comic off to the publishers. Wow! And... somehow... I actually even found the time to go for a great maximum overdrive country drive in the Mustang this weekend too.

Condition: Terminal

March 1st, 2023

The short Brit-style sci-fi comic I wrote, THE ASTEROIDS OF MISFIT DROIDS, drawn by the amazing artist Christian Ward (AQUAMAN ANDROMEDA, ODY-C, INVISIBLE KINGDOM, THOR) is finished being drawn and is being lettered by *another* of my favorite artists, Ed Luce of WUVABLE OAF fame... and it is glorious! I cannot wait for people to get to see this.

Feeling The Hype

February 16th, 2023

Submissions for the MÖRK BORG / CY_BORG 2023 URBN_LGND.exe Art Jam opened this week. And today I set up the page so we can submit NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine and PROJECT_CYTØR, the near-future agriTech body-horror tabletop rpg adventure for that art jam by Piero Molino and pixel artist MisBUG. I am loving struggling through building that zine in ancient Apple HyperCard software and crunching everything down into 1-bit Mac dithered images so that the zine and adventure will all fit on a old school 144 MB 3.5-inch floppy disk. I've got a really great line-up of contributors and interviews for the zine. If all goes according to plan, I'll be bringing out this project before the URBN_LGND.exe Art Jam deadline hits, so sometime at the end of March or early April.

At Warp Speed

February 15th, 2023

Christian Ward has finished his art on THE ASTEROIDS OF MISFIT DROIDS, the short sci-fi comic we did together! This comic looks utterly *insane*. I am beyond thrilled to have WUVABLE OAF's Ed Luce doing the lettering on this. What a dream project!

Getting It Together

February 10th, 2023

More behind-the-scenes work on TURN OFF THE SKY, the Super 8mm cyberpunk short film I'm making with Aaron Farmer (Director) and Danger Bob (Cinematographer) and Kirsten Baldock (Screenplay). We also began work on the 2090 TRAVEL GUIDE TO nu-FRESNO (the movie's setting) which will be a feature in the NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine along with PROJECT CYTØR tabletop rpg adventure by Piero Molino and MisBUG. Photo by Aaron Farmer.

Intense Energy

February 9th, 2023

Today multi-Eisner Award winning comic artist Christian Ward (AQUAMAN ANDROMEDA, ODY-C, INVISIBLE KINGDOM, THOR) graced my in-box with Page 2 of THE ASTEROIDS OF MISFIT DROIDS, the short Brit-style sci-fi comic we're doing together. And I got my first look at the strip's protagonist Vaara Resnik. Fuck yes! Man, Christian is just *so* talented.

The Future Is 30 Years In The Past

February 7th, 2023

NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine - After getting the MÖRK BORG / CY_BORG agritech body-horror adventure that Piero Molino and pixel artist MisBUG turned in for my upcoming Floppy Disk Zine, I knew I was going to get serious about banging my head against the ancient-technology wall that is Apple HyperCard, finally figure out how to import images into that thing, and really get building on it. I spent a few frustrating days with it. But today I finally overcame my first big hurdle in this project and now I've got two pages of this beast started! If I can manage to figure out the next steps this will be the splash page that welcomes you to my zine in full, trashy, low-res, vintage Macintosh glory.

More Neuro Nihilist with Mr. Nøthing

February 3rd, 2023

Oakland DJ and musician Mister Nøthing and I had so much fun doing "Phantosmia" together on my new album from DEADTECH that we now have an EP in the works. Expect to see at least one of our new songs on an upcoming Internet Daemon Records complilation.

Hi-Fi Low-Fi

January 29th, 2023

It is time for a little low-tech palate cleanser after a full month of intense sci-fi creativity! To celebrate, enjoy this footage of my 1978 vintage Panasonic RS-808 8-track player and listen to some sweet KC and the Sunshine Band disco on the classic format. Oh man, watching those VU meters boogie is truly a thing of beauty! In other news, multi-Eisner Award winning comic art god Christian Ward tells me he is currently drawing the 5-page comic we are making together THE ASTEROIDS OF MISFIT DROIDS and should be done by mid-February. I'm so happy I can hardly keep from dancing... good thing I've got that great 8-track tape to play!

Champagne Wishes And Pixel Nightmares

January 23rd, 2023

Wow! Not only did Piero Molino completely blow my mind with his totally amazing original MÖRK BORG / CY_BORG agritech body-horror adventure PROJECT CYTØR but he also introduced me to the most amazing sci-fi pixel artist MisBUG who will be drawing the cover to his adventure. This image is cropped preview of MisBUG's cover. Check out all the amazing work this artist is known for! (Also I am totally jealous of that website!)

Turn Off The Sky

January 18th, 2023

Here's a behind-the-scenes shot of my Super 8mm cyberpunk short film TURN OFF THE SKY with Aaron Farmer (Director) and Danger Bob (Cinematographer)! We've been out two nights in the San Francisco rains filming in Chinatown. I have big plans for doing films with them over the next couple years, and learning the ins and outs of working with Super 8 film (editing with a razor blade is going to be so much fun, I have *always* wanted to do that). Much more to come on this project! I am loving this photo by Kirsten Baldock.

Cyberdellic Immersion

January 8th, 2023

Last year in September I wrote about how I wanted to do a project with my friend Piero Molino, a Machine Learning expert and a fellow fan of pulpy dystopian future-tech neo-noir. Last year Piero had brought in his copy of the insane Swedish black metal table top role playing game MÖRK BORG (that's "Dark Castle" translated from Swedish) and the game's just released sci-fi sequel CY_BORG. Those games are totally nuts! I suggested he write a CY-BORG adventure for my cyberpunk-themed NEUROBLAST Floppy DiskZine and he's been hard at work on it. Here we go, it's up to me to get the rest of that zine done!

New Beat Never Sleeps

January 1st, 2023

Happy 2023! Check out my new album from DEADTECH. Go grab yourself a virtual test-pressing copy for free and play it at your parallel-Earth 1988 Belgian nightclub! Writing and recording it was a huge white-knuckle grind of late nights but I am super pleased with it. I *had* planned on catching up on sleep after releasing that album (like Asgard here in this picture!) but instead I came up with *another* creative project to do with Aaron Farmer and Danger Bob... so instead of catching some Z's I'll be following my own "New Beat Never Sleeps" advice and you'll see me out in the rain working on a new cyberpunk movie...

Another New Beat Day In Paradise

December 31st 30th, 2022

Happy New Year! It is 10pm in Ghent, Belgium and that means it is time for the second DEADTECH album of traditionally-made Belgian New Beat / Nougat Beat tunes handcrafted in the classic style by yours truly for your parallel-Earth 1989 Belgian club! This album features ethereal otherworldly turntable scratching by Oakland DJ Mister Nøthing on the song "Phantosmia". Hope to get to make more Neuro Nihilist with Mr. Nøthing songs with him more in the future. Get ready to slow-motion shake your backside to five songs of low-BPM bliss! Get it here: DEADTECH - Another New Beat Day In Paradise

Phantasy Star Online Online

December 5th, 2022

Hey check it out, Josh at HyperBeam Labs got my Dreamcast online! Come meet my Phantasy Star Online character Mellu on the Sylverant Server (Mellu can usually be found on the Iselia ship)!

Rebooting The Blog

December 4th, 2022

Welcome to my re-launched Work Weblog! I foolishly let my previous page grow too huge and unwieldy to update. Anyway, the new page has a new design, I hope if people see it they enjoy the new look. As I took a few months off of daily updates, this new page will take a bit to get me back up to date (I am actually writing this post on February 4th 2023). And it has been a busy year so far, I'm juggling a number of cool projects, so I have a bunch of art projects to be documenting. Thanks again for checking out my stuff.


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